Roscoe's First United Methodist Church
Friday, September 30, 2022
Reaching Upward, Inward, and Outward

There is a Place for You Here!



 Pray - without ceasing, in all circumstances, give thanks!  
Join the Prayer Phone Tree
Invite -
Sign the contact list for members and prospects to be visited
Worship Service - Sundays - 11:00 AM
Bible Study  - In planning stage




















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































                                                Always, Everywhere, without ceasing. 
                     Serve on the Prayer Phone Tree
                                         Bible Study
                     Sunday School Classes for all ages-  10:30 AM
                                         Music Team
                     Music team practice - Wednesdays - 7:00 PM
                                         Men's Group
                     "Under the Influence" Accountability Group - Wednesdays - 8:00 PM
                                       Women's Group
                     "Women's Spiritual SPA" Accountability Group - Wednesdays - 8:00 PM
                Youth Nights - Sundays - 7:00 PM