Roscoe's First United Methodist Church
Sunday, May 28, 2017
Reaching Upward, Inward, and Outward

Roscoe First United Methodist Church
Lay Leadership Committee for 2013
Administrative Council
       Chair:                                                                          Mr. Billy Joe Jay
                Lay Leader:                                                             Mr. Billy Joe Jay
                Lay Delegate to Annual Conf:                                  Mr. Billy Joe Jay
                Alt. Lay Delegate to Annual Conf:                            Mrs. Juanita Garcia
                                                                                                Mr. Gary Dickson
                Staff Pastor Parish Relations Comm                        Mrs. Juanita Garcia
                Finance & Stewardship Chair:                                 Mr. Gary Dickson
                Trustee Chair:                                                          Mr. Gary Dickson
                Church Treasurer:                                                   Mr. Billy Joe Jay
                Assistant Church Treasurer:                                    Mrs. Kim Dickson
                Recording Secretary                                               Mrs. Nerissa Jay
                N.O.W. Committee Facilitator:                                Mrs. Cristal Aljoe
                Youth Representative:                                             t/b/d
                Lay Leadership Comm Chair:                                 Rev. Juanelle, Jordan
                United Methodist Woman Chair:                             (UMW not currently active) 
                Historian:                                                                 t/b/d 
                At Large Members:                                                 Ms. Billye Hughes
                                                                                               Ms. Betty Rogers
                                                                                               Mrs. Laurie Willman
                                                                                               Ms. Betty Sasin
                                                                                               Mrs. Kim Dickson
                                                                                               Mr. Bobby Jordan
                                                                                               Mr. Donnie LeFever
                                                                                               Mrs. Irene LeFever
                                                                                               Ms. Sandy Reyes
                                                                                                       NOW Committee
Facilitator                                                                               Mrs. Cristal Aljoe
                                                                                               Ms. Sandy Reyes
                                                                                               Mrs. Mary Lou Galvan
                                                                                               Mrs. Laurie Willman
                                                                                               Rev. Juanelle, Jordan
                                                                                                         Finance Committee
Chair                                                                                       Mr. Gary Dickson
Church Treasurer and Lay Delegate to Annual Conference   Mr. Billy Joe Jay
Lay Leader                                                                             Mr. Billy Joe Jay
Financial Secretary                                                                Mrs. Nerissa Jay
SPRC Chair                                                                             Mrs. Juanita Garcia
Assistant Treasurer                                                                 Mrs. Kim Dickson
Trustee Chair                                                                          Mr. Gary Dickson
At large                                                                                   Mr. Bobby Jordan
Pastor                                                                                     Rev. Juanelle Jordan
                                                                                                    Staff Parish Relations Committee
Chair                                                                                        Mrs. Juanita Garcia
Lay Leader                                                                              Mr. Billy Joe Jay
Lay Delegate to Annual Conference                                        Mr. Billy Joe Jay
Young Adult                                                                             t/b/d
At Large                                                                                   Mr. Donnie LeFever
                                                                                                Mrs. Kim Dickson
                                                                                                Ms. Betty Sasin
                                                                                                Mrs. Laurie Willman
Pastor                                                                                      Rev Juanelle Jordan
Chair                                                                                       Mr. Gary Dickson
Church Treasurer                                                                    Mr. Billy Joe Jay (non-voting)
At Large                                                                                  Ms. Billye Hughes
                                                                                                Mr.Donnie LeFever
                                                                                                Mr. Darrell Aljoe
                                                                                                Mr. Gary Dickson
                                                                                                Mr. Daniel Garcia
                                                                                                Mr. Bobby Jordan
                                                                                                     Lay Leadership Committee
Chair                                                                                        Rev. Juanelle Jordan
Youth                                                                                        Mr. Jacob Davis
Young Adult                                                                              t/b/d
Lay Leader                                                                               Mr. Billy Joe Jay
At Large                                                                                   Mrs. Lynda Hall
                                                                                                 Ms. Billye Hughes
                                                                                                 Mrs. Cristal Aljoe            
                                                                                                    Committee on Memorial Gifts
                                                                                                 Mrs. Cristal Aljoe
                                                                                                 Mr. Billy Joe Jay
                                                                                                 Mrs. Nerissa Jay
                                                                                                    Library Committee
Chair                                                                                         t/b/d
                                                                                                 Ms. Betty Rogers
                                                                                                 Mrs. Juanita Garcia
                                                                                                 Mrs. Rachel Bennett
                                                                                                    Youth Committee
Chair                                                                                         Rev. Juanelle Jordan
                                                                                                  Mr. Billy Joe Jay
                                                                                                  Mrs. Juanita Garcia
Young Adult                                                                               t/b/d
                                                                                                  Mrs. Kim Dickson
Youth                                                                                         Mr. Sheldon Hall
                                                                                                    Open Door Child Development Center Board
President                                                                                   Mr. Billy Joe Jay
Vice-President                                                                           t/b/d
Treasurer                                                                                   Ms. Betty Rogers
Secretary                                                                                   Ms. Betty Sasin
Member                                                                                     Mr. Billy Joe Jay
Member                                                                                     Mr.Bobby Jordan
Member                                                                                     Mrs. Irene LeFever
ODCDC Director                                                                         Mrs. Cristal Aljoe
ODCDC Director                                                                         Ms. Billye Hughes
Executive Facilitator                                                                  Mrs. Nerissa Jay
Pastor (Ex Officio member)                                                       Rev. Juanelle Jordan
 Current staff of Open Door Child Development Center (November11, 2012):
Cristal Aljoe          Minnie Castro          Kasey King          Allie Hughes
Billye Huges          Victoria Padilla       Lorilea Reagan
Pastor Juanelle Jordan     Nerissa Jay
Mrs. Cristal Aljoe          Ms. Billye Hughes